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Bucket & Grit Guard

A Bucket & Grit Guard are used to help trap the dirt. A Detailing Bucket & Grit guard combo will help prevent swirl marks by keeping your wash solution clean.

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Bucket & Grit Guard | Safe Car Cleaning Detailing Buckets

A Bucket Grit Guard combination is the best way when it comes to car cleaning.

A Bucket & Grit Guard are used to help trap the dirt at the bottom of the bucket to help minimise swirls and damage to your paintwork. The Detailing Bucket & Grit Guard combination allows you to have a clean, shampoo solution to wash your vehicle every time you use your wash mitt.

We have a wide range of Detailing Bucket & Grit Guards from various brands such as Grit Guard Inc that give you full customisation on colour and size. We have every colour you can think of when it comes to Detailing Buckets and grit guards such as red, blue and transparent. 

Buy from our range of Bucket & Grit Guards online today and receive free UK delivery on all offers over £75.

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