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Enhancement Detail

The Enhancement Detail will remove swirl marks from your paintwork and improve gloss.

Our Enhancement Detail is the perfect detailing package for those looking to remove light swirl marks and improve gloss and depth of their paintwork carried out by our team in the North East, Washington. The Enhancement Detail is a 2 to 3 day detail package that includes a full machine polish to remove lighter paintwork defects. This detailing package leaves your paintwork swirl-free, glossy and incredible clarity.

The Enhancement Detail is our entry level paint correction detailing package that completely transforms your vehicle from top to bottom. We carry out a 2 stage machine polish to your vehicles paintwork. Firstly we will compound the paint to cut back the swirl marks and light scratches and follow up with a final polish to deepen gloss and increase clarity.

Our Enhancement Detail is a very in depth detailing package that really brings your vehicle back to life. No matter the age of your vehicle, the Enhancement Detail will revive the paintwork. Just Car Care is the largest detailing centre in the North East of England with a full team of trained & Certified Gyeon Installers that are ready to take your vehicle to the next level. 

Enhancement Detail | Swirl Removal Detailing Service on BMW X5 M40i

The Process

  • Alloy wheels, tyres and arches cleaned.
  • Vehicle pre soak with PH neutral snow foam.
  • Vehicle washed using two-bucket method.
  • Iron Remover & Tar Remover applied to the paintwork to remove embedded contaminates.
  • Stubborn tar deposits removed using clay bar.
  • Vehicle towel dried with plush drying towels and blow dried with warm air.
  • Vehicle interior mini valet - Floor & matts hoovered, all surfaces and trims wiped down, glass cleaned inside and out.
  • Chrome, stainless steel and exhaust all polished.
  • Paint depth readings taken over the entire vehicle.
  • All intricate areas and trims are then taped up in preparation for machine polish.
  • A one-to-two stage correction is carried out, this will remove fine swirling while also increasing the depth and gloss of the paintwork.
  • Single layer of ceramic based wax or sealant applied to the vehicles paintwork for up to 3 months (Ceramic Upgrade Available)
  • Wheels treated with high temperature sealant to protect alloy wheels from future brake dust build up (Ceramic Upgrade Available)
  • Glass sealed with a rain repellent (Ceramic Upgrade Available)
  • Tyres dressed with a choice of a Matte, Satin or High Gloss finish.
  • Exterior trims and rubbers cleaned and dressed.
  • Final vehicle inspection & sprayed with a choice of air freshener.

Time Taken to Complete Detail Package: 3 Days 

Price: From £350.00 (inc VAT)* 

If you need any help with the Detailing Services we offer, including the Enhancement Detail at Just Car Care please do not hesitate to call on 0191 543 7234 and a member of our detailing team will be more than happy to help.

Contact us about your detailing package.

Email us at Sales@justcarcare.co.uk.
Call us at 0191 543 7234

 *Prices are shown as 'FROM' prices and are based on size, year and condition of your vehicle. Excess charges will be discussed prior to booking and will be detailed in your quotation/booking form. 

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