Gloss Boost Detail

Increase overall gloss and clarity of your paintwork without the need of correction.

The Gloss Boos Detail is for those looking to improve the look of their vehicle without the need for correction. With this detailing package your paintwork will be polished and jewelled to a high gloss finishing, removing minor marring and giving you a crystal clear reflection. With this package there are no defect removal, simply improving clarity and gloss levels of your vehicles paintwork.

The Process

  • Alloy wheels, tyres and arches cleaned.
  • Vehicle pre soak with PH neutral snow foam.
  • Iron Remover & Tar Remover applied to the paintwork.
  • Vehicle washed using two-bucket method.
  • Stubborn tar deposits removed using clay bar.
  • Vehicle towel dried with plush drying towels and blow dried with warm air.
  • Vehicle interior mini valet - Floor & Matts hoovered, all surfaces and trims wiped down, glass cleaned inside and out.
  • Chrome, Stainless Steel and exhaust all polished.
  • Paintwork polished and jewelled to remove minor marring and increase gloss and clarity of the paintwork.
  • Single layer of ceramic based wax or sealant . (Ceramic Upgrade Optional)
  • Tyres dressed with a choice of a Matte, Satin or High Gloss finish.
  • Exterior trims and rubbers cleaned and dressed.
  • Final vehicle inspection & sprayed with a choice of air freshener.


Price: From £150.00 inv VAT
Time Taken: 1 Day(s)

Protect your investment with a ceramic coating from only £100.00*

*Additional cost to your vehicles detailing package. £100 based on entry level coating, various options from Gyeon Quartz & Gtechniq available at an additional cost. Ask a member of staff for more details.