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Liquid Elements T2500 Dual Action Machine Polisher 8mm

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Liquid Elements T2500 Dual Action Machine Polisher 8mm

The Liquid Elements T2500 eccentric polishing machine with 8mm eccentric stroke, the standard mounted 125mm backing pad and an output of 750 watts is suitable for everyone. Due to the constant maintenance with remote electronics, the freely rotating rotation of the support plate does not stop even with slight tilting on round surfaces.

Whether you are an absolute novice in vehicle preparation or a professional processor, this machine is something for every user.

The T2500 stands out with the modern design of the eccentric polishing machine, particularly pleasant feel, and robust and smooth-running electronics. The two LEDs on the top of the polishing machine indicate the correct pressure range during the polishing process. If the green LED bulb lights up, the pressure is sufficient, the red LED bulb lights up, the pressure on the surface must be reduced. 

Technical specifications
- Voltage: 230V ~
- Frequency: 50Hz
- Power consumption: 750 watts
- lifting speed: 2500-5500 min -1
- Disc diameter: max. 125mm
- Spindle size 5/16 "-24
- Weight: 2.4kg
- Lpa (sound pressure): 84dB (A)
- Lwa (Sound Power): 95dB (A)
- Cable length: 8 meters

- 750 watts of power
- 8mm eccentric mechanism
- Low vibration
- Constant speed with remote electronics
- Torque control display via green and red LED
- Optionally also to operate with a 75mm support plate

Scope of delivery
- 125mm support plate already installed
- Liquid Elements storage bag
- replacement carbon brushes
- Allen key
- Operation manual