Gyeon Q2 Wax

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Gyeon Q2 Wax is a fluorine based wax, with guaranteed visible gloss and paintwork protection – the most traditional type of car care product meets sophisticated technology and innovative packaging.

Gyeon Q2 Wax includes fluorine in its formula. As in the legendary Q² Booster, a highly reactive topcoat, it is the guarantee of great performance, enormous beading and great gloss.It is a perfect stand alone product, dedicated to DIY users and enthusiasts, but will also surprise detailing professionals as an entry level protection product, as well as a great top up to one of our ceramic coatings.

Gyeon Q2 WAX is an extremely glossy wax for any colour with outstanding hydrophobic properties. What makes it stand out, is extremely easy application and wipe off, making it a real pleasure to use.

Preparation is key! Make sure to wash and degrease the surface properly for maximum performance.

How to use?

Ensure the vehicle is clean, decontaminated and dry.
- Apply a light uniform layer of Gyeon Q2 Wax on the paintwork and allow to cure for 30 minutes before removing with a soft microfibre.