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Grit Guard Ultimate Clear Wash Bucket 20L

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Grit Guard Ultimate Clear Wash Bucket 20L Is manufactured from the heaviest-duty plastic with reinforced shoulders and base that will outlast most other buckets. The rugged design does not flex even when full with the generous 20 litre (5 Gallon) capacity. Where this bucket out performs all other competitions is that is is totally transparent so you can clearly see both the wash solution and dirt in the bucket so you know when it's time to change the water.

Each bucket comes fitted with a dirt trap bucket filter, designed to trap the dirt at the bottom of the bucket and prevent the grit that has sunk to the bottom from being able to float or recirculate back to the surface or get trapped in your car wash mitt. The Dirt Trap filter has been tested and designed to fit the clear wash bucket like a glove so it won't float back to the surface.

We always recommend when detailing and generally maintaining a vehicle to always to use two buckets, one for rinsing & one for wash solution. This separation means dirt rarely reaches the wash bucket dramatically reducing swirls. Add a bucket filter to the wash for an even safer wash.