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Dr. Beasley's, Insect Remover, 360ml

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INSECT REMOVER lifts out and breaks down bug splatter and other contaminants for easy removal from exterior automotive surfaces. Use it to remove insect remains, bird droppings, tree sap and road tar from surfaces like paint, chrome and plastic.

 Cuts Through Tough Insect Splatter

Insect Remover actively breaks down stubborn bug splatter so it can be removed with a simple wipe and rinse.


 Also Removes Bird Droppings, Sap & Other Messes

Break down and remove a variety of tough contaminants with Insect Remover’s powerful formula, ranging from bird droppings to road tar.

Works On Chrome, Plastic, Headlights and More

You can use Insect Remover to clean bug splatter off of more than paint—it’s also great on plastic and chrome!

 A Must-Have For Lovebug Season

Fight off the lovebug splatter with Insect Remover's powerful formula, capable of breaking down even the heaviest bug build-ups.

 A Glove Box Essential

Take Insect Remover with you everywhere you go—you never know when you may need it, but you'll be glad you have it when you do.

 Non-Aggressive & Safe To Use

Insect Remover effectively removes tough contaminants without harsh chemicals, ensuring the underlying surface remains unharmed after cleanin