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Chemical Guys Extreme Top Coat Sealant 473ml

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If you want to lock in shine, protect your paint from the harsh elements including oxidation and UV rays then Chemical Guys Extreme Top Coat Sealant won’t disappoint. This is the ONLY amino functional resin with 3 times carnauba. This means that you get a wet shine and un-rivalled protection from a sophisticated formula. The carnauba in this sealant is grade A+ Brazilian number 1, so you’ll be hard pressed to find anything better.

The Chemical Guys have blended detergent resistant polymers and flouro-carbon resins with the Brazilian Ivory carnauba and natural oils. Apply after washing with a cotton or microfibre cloth. You can use this in the sun when we finally get some. The protection that this gives will last for months. The formula bonds with the paint and repels the water and contaminants.

  • Coats your car with a deep, glossy and protective finish that will leap out at you.
  • Apply more than one layer to deepen shine and lengthen protection.
  • Anti static formula.
  • Use to remove streaks and left over wax and powder.

16oz bottle - Made in the USA