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Detailing Guide

Detailing Guide 
Here you will find out entire detailing guide, whether you're just starting out or you're looking for advice on what products to purchase, and what job they're fit for you will find the answers here. 

Step 1 : Pre-Rinse, Snow Foam/Pre-Wash & Lance

Snow foam is a great way of making sure that you remove all excess dirt before you start the hand wash process. The reason why snow foam is used is to reduce the amount of scratching and swirling on the paint, therefore keeping your paintwork in the best condition possible. Snow foam will not eliminate all scratching but will reduce the chances of dragging dirt across the paintwork. 

Before using any snow foam you must ensure you use your power wash to remove any heavy, excess dirt from the vehicle before applying the product. This will help to remove the excess dirt and help the snow foam to work its magic on the bodywork of your vehicle. 

When using snow foam it is essential that you have the correct equipment. Firstly, you'll need a bottle of snow foam and a lance. The lance you must ensure that has the correct fitment for your pressure washer, if not please contact us and we'll arrange for an adapter to be sent with your order. 

When using snow foam you must read the instructions, all snow foam formula's are different and require different amounts to your specific lances. If you can't find the instructions, stick to the 1-2 Inches of snow foam to 1 liter of water and you shouldn't go wrong. 

Once the snow foam has been applied to the car, leave to dwell for 10-15 minutes. Don't touch the car with any sort of wash mitt. If you like you can use a small, soft detailing brush on the badges after you have washed off and re-applied the snow foam. Once the snow foam has dwelled for 10-15 minutes use a pressure washer to remove all of the snow foam left on the car, starting from the top and working your way down the vehicle. If dirt or residue has been left behind, re apply the snow foam and repeat the wait time. When using brushes make sure all excess dirt has been removed from badges and grills before use, this will help reduce scratching of the paintwork, badges and grills. 

Step 2: Wash MittBucket & Shampoo

When washing your vehicle by hand you will need 2 x Buckets with grit guards, a wash mitt and a bottle of shampoo. Wash mitt's are designed to trap dirt within them to reduce the chances of scratching, with the use of snow foam before hand you are minimalism the chances of scratching the paintwork significantly. With shampoo you must read the instructions, don't be shy with the amount that you use but don't over compensate as you will be using too much of the product. 

With the buckets you must start by filling one with fresh, warm water and the other with shampoo and warm water. The bucket with the water is used for rinsing the mitt out between contact with the car to re applying the soapy water. This will help to remove the residue that your mitt takes away from the car, into the bucket and not into your shampoo and water solution, therefore helping to reduce scratching even further. Use the grit guards at the bottom of the buckets to rub the mitt against to remove any trapped dirt. 

When washing the body work start from the roof and work your way down. Make sure that you rinse the mitt out every time you finish the panel or even half a panel, this will help to reduce scratching further. When washing panels such as doors, tailgates and bonnet start from the top and work your way down, this will help to remove the dirt from the top where it is less covered with dirt and this will make sure scratching is minimal. 

Step 3: Wheel Cleaner & Wheel Brush

Step 4: Contaminate Remover & Clay Bar

Step 5: PolishWaxApplicators Sealant

Step 6: Interior Cleaner Air Fresheners


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