Sealants, Coatings & Nano-Coatings

Regular cleaning and protection or your car protects the paintwork from the elements, such as Sun, Rain, Frost, Tree sap and Bird droppings. This helps make and keep it looking shiney and new. The next step after polishing and waxing your car, is a Paint Sealant, simply they seal the paint from the harsh external environment.
Many wax products are a natural substance,which can breakdown after a short period of time. Paint sealants are synthetic based waxes, that are formulated to give long lasting protection and give wax gloss protective qualities. There are lots of brands that have a Paint Sealant in their ranges, many of them do the similar job, but the better quality paint sealants do give longer protection. Products such as Oracle Paintwork Sealant, Nano Sealant and Glass Sealant are a necessity when it comes to protection.