Gyeon Q2M Foam 1 Litre

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Gyeon Q2M Foam ensures a highly effective first step in the cleansing process as it helps to decrease the amount of dirt that needs to be removed during a proper, major wash with a mitt and shampoo. 

SAFE Most active snow foams affect coatings or protective layers (waxes) either by being strongly caustic or leaving a thin layer that can destroy their protective and self-cleaning properties. After diluting, Gyeon Q2M Foam is totally safe for paint or even polished aluminium. It does not leave any residue after rinsing. 

SAFE WASH FOR PROTECTED CARS Gyeon Q2M Foam provides the opportunity to have a home-made touchless wash. It dissolves grime and road-dirt, ensuring a gentle wash afterwards. Hence it's characteristics - Gyeon Q2M Foam is totally safe for your coating, but also for uncoated cars or surfaces like polished alloy rims or exterior trims. 

PROVIDES THICK FOAM A thick foam is one of the major benefits of high quality snow foams. Gyeon Q2M Foam builds up a very thick and deep foam, sticking to dirty areas of the paint and dissolving dirt and grime. The foam should be washed away by a pressure washer before it starts to dry.

1:15 DILUTED  Gyeon Q2M Foam is very effective, it dilutes even 1:15, giving great value for money. To keep the foam fully effective, the minimum dilution is 1:15, but in the case of very dirty vehicles or uncoated ones, it is advisable to use in a proportion of 1:5. 


  • Coating safe - will not strip protective layers;
  • Creates a thick foam;
  • Gentle and easy to use;
  • Efficient, effective and safe.