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The New Gyeon Purify Range has been announced!

Gyeon Purify | NEW Gyeon products range

Aiden Oliver |

The New Gyeon Purify Range has been announced and it helps you clean, protect and maintain your interior and prevent unwanted bacteria, microbes and fungi.


Gyeon Purify | Remove and prevent bacteria, microbes and fungi

Gyeon have released a huge range of new products and rebranded their existing range but the thing we're most excited for is the NEW Purify Range of detailing products. Gyeon's unique technology, utilised for the first time in the automotive industry helps you clean, protect and maintain your interior surfaces. Based entirely on natural components and science, this new range is safe to use on every surface. 

The new Purify Range helps remove and prevent bacteria growth, microbes and fungi as well as removing bad odours and unwanted smells. Here's the line-up of the new products and what they do; 

Gyeon Purify | Gyeon Q2 Purify Coat

Gyeon Q2 Purify Coat 

Gyeon Q2 Purify Coat is an anti-bacterial coating that helps to kill bacteria and prevent the growth of bacteria on all interior surfaces. Once applied this coating helps kill bacteria on touch and prevents growth. Safe to use on trims, leather and fabric.

Gyeon Purify | Gyeon Q2M Purify Maintain

Gyeon Q2M Purify Maintain 

Gyeon Q2M Purify Maintain is an anti-bacterial maintenance spray to go along side of the Gyeon Q2 Purify Coat to improve bacteria removal. 

Gyeon Purify | Gyeon Q2M Interior Detailer

Gyeon Q2M Purify Interior Detailer 

The new Gyeon Purify Interior Detailer is a strong, hygienic anti-bacterial interior detailer that kills bacteria and microbes whilst cleaning your interior. No bad smells, no greasy finish. 

Gyeon Purify | Gyeon Q2M Odor Remover

Gyeon Q2M Odor Remover

The new Gyeon Q2M Odor Remover is a new and highly effective bad smell eliminator. This product is safe on all surfaces of the vehicle and will remove bad smells such as wet dog, milk, sick and smoke. 

Gyeon Purify | Gyeon Q2M Odor Remover Pads

Gyeon Q2M Odor Remover Pads 

The Gyeon Q2M Odor Remover Pads are used to remove bad smells from your interior surfaces. These pads are designed to remove bad smells, not mask them like traditional air fresheners. 

There you have it! The new Gyeon Purify range is safe on all surfaces and is based on keeping you safe, your vehicle cleaner and smelling its best. Available online and in-store at Just Car Care soon.

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