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Gyeon have released New products for 2024!

New Gyeon Products Launch 2023

Aiden Oliver |

The change is coming! Gyeon have released a full new line up of detailing products, car cleaning accessories and PPF installation products for 2024.

Starting off 2024 on a high, Gyeon have given us a teaser of what's to come with their new product line and we cannot wait to get a hold of it ourselves. Here's a breakdown of what to expect, the new products that are coming and everything you need to know about "The Change". 

Gyeon New Products 2023

First up is the introduction to the new Gyeon Purify Range which helps to clean, protect and maintain your interior surfaces free from bacteria and unwanted smells. 

What is in the new Gyeon Purify Range? 

  • Gyeon Q2 Purify Coat - Purify Coat is an anti-bacterial coating that helps to kill bacteria and prevent the growth of bacteria on all interior surfaces. 
  • Gyeon Q2M Purify Maintain - Purify Maintain is an anti-bacterial maintenance spray to go along side of the Gyeon Q2 Purify Coat. 
  • Gyeon Q2M Purify Interior Detailer - The new Interior Detailer is a strong, hygienic anti-bacterial interior detailer that kills bacteria whilst your cleaning your interior. No bad smells, no greasy finish. 
  • Gyeon Q2M Odor Eliminator - The new Odor Eliminator is a new and highly effective bad smell remover. 
  • Gyeon Q2M Odor Remover Pads - These new Odor Pads are used to remove bad smells from your interior surfaces, rather than just mask them. 

Next up we have Gyeon's new products that are being added to their already fantastic detailing line. Heres a list of their new products and what they do. 

Gyeon Q2M Total Remover 

Q²M TotalRemover, as the name suggests, has been designed to remove everything, from sealants to old coatings, factory waxes and everything in between. Perfect for preparing factory-fresh cars before coating or removing old coatings without polishing.

Gyeon Q2M Total Remover | Sealant & Coating Remover

Gyeon Q2M Eco Wash 

Q²M ECOWash allows you to quickly and safely clean your vehicle without the necessity to use running water and having a set up with a drain or without allowing any detergents to drip into the soil/driveway. It can be used in one of 3 ways:

– as waterless wash;
– as rinseless wash;
– as drying aid.

The concentrated formula allows you to explore different dilutions and find your favourite mix depending on application, usage, climate and personal preference.

Gyeon Q2M Eco Wash

Gyeon Q2M TFR 

Q²M TFR is designed to be used during the pre-wash stage for efficient removal of thick, stubborn road film and contaminants by simply spraying on and rinsing off.

Gyeon Q2M TFR

Gyeon Q2M Natural Leather Cleaner 

Q²M LeatherCleaner Natural is a safe, ph-neutral cleaner for all types of modern automotive leather. We designed it especially for the delicate nappa and semi-aniline upholstery of luxury and sports cars. Of course, it is also suitable for any other type of modern leather upholstery. We recommend using it with our Q²M ScrubPad for best results and gentle, yet effective agitation.

Gyeon Q2M Leather CLeaner Natural

Gyeon Q2M Defrost

Q²M DeFrost will help you melt frost and ice from any glass surface of your vehicle in seconds.
No need to scrub and risk damaging your windows. Spray it on, let it react and watch the ice melt.

Gyeon Q2M Defrost

Gyeon Q2M Glass Polish 

Q²M GlassPolish efficiently removes stains, spots and light defects from all types of automotive glass. It does not dust and can be used by both hand and machine polisher. We recommend it as a pre-cleanser prior to the application of our Q² QuickView (and Q² Repel, where is comes as a part of the Q² View set).

Gyeon Q2M Glass Polish

Gyeon Q2M Steering Wheel Cover - A steering wheel cover to pop on after you've cleaned your interior. 

Gyeon Q2M Steering Wheel Cover

Gyeon Q2M Seat Cover - Seat covers to protect your seats after cleaning. 

Gyeon Q2M Seat Cover

Gyeon Q2M FloorMat - Disposable floor mats for cleaning and handover. 

Gyeon Q2M FloorMat

Gyeon Q2M Block Applicator EVO - A brand new, beveled applicator block for application of ceramic coatings. 

Gyeon Q2M Applicator Block EVO

Gyeon Sprayable Scents & Hangers - 4 new sprayable scents and hanging air fresheners for the Gyeon range. 

Gyeon Q2M Sprayable Interior Scents

Gyeon Q2M Masking Tapes - A set of masking tape for polishing and coating in the official Gyeon colours. 

Gyeon Q2M Masking Tape

Gyeon Q2M Degreasing Tabs - This is a degreasing tablet for the certified network for preparing the car for ceramic coatings. 

Gyeon Q2M Degreaser Tabs

Moving swiftly on to Gyeon's PPF range after the release of their fantastic films that we use in our detailing bays. Here's what you will see from Gyeon's Paint Protection Film Range of accessories; 

  • Gyeon Q2M PPF Maintain - A ceramic infused PPF maintenance spray for their Gyeon PPF films and other manufacturers of films. 
  • Gyeon Q2M PPF Slip - PPF Slip is a concentrated paint protection film installation fluid that can be used on vinyl application, Gyeon PPF & other manufacturers of PPF. 
  • Gyeon Q2M PPF Squeegee Set - A set of 6 PPF squeegees for application of paint protection film. 
  • Gyeon Q2M PPF Guide Cutter - A guide cutter for cutting off bulk pieces of paint protection film from the roll. 
  • Gyeon Q2M PPF Gloves - PPF friendly gloves for tucking and trimming when using a heat gun.
  • Gyeon Q2M PPF Cutter - A precise blade for cutting and trimming paint protection film.  
  • Gyeon Q2M PPF Cutter Blades (10 pack) - Snap-able blades to go inside the PPF cutter. 
  • Gyeon Q2M PPF Cutter Blades Trash - A safe place to put all of the used blades from the Q2M PPF Cutter.
  • Gyeon Q2M PPF Tweeters Set - A pair of tweeters to help pick and remove excess PPF when trimming.

Click here to see our in depth view of the new Gyeon PPF Accessories Range

Finally, Gyeon are re-branding their bottles for a more elegant look throughout their entire range. This new look will be filtered into the UK market within the first 6-12 months from the launch date, said to be in February 2024. 

 Gyeon New Product Line

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