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How long does Gyeon Can Coat EVO last?

Gyeon Can Coat EVO | 12 months paintwork ceramic coating

Aiden Oliver |

How long does Gyeon Can Coat EVO last?

A lot of customers are asking how long does Gyeon Can Coat EVO last, we're going to answer this question for you! Gyeon manufacture a huge range of car cleaning products and paint protection ceramic coatings, ideal for protecting and maintaining al surfaces in on the exterior and interior of the vehicle including paintwork, glass, wheels and leather. At Just Car Care we have been detailing cars for over 6 years and are Gyeon Accredited Detailers, making sure you receive the best possible service and advice about all things detailing.

Gyeon Can Coat EVO is a Si02 based ceramic coating that has been made to protect all exterior surfaces including paintwork, wheels and glass. But how long does Can Coat EVO actually Last?

Ceramic Coatings are a step into the future of paintwork protection. Ceramic's offer fantastic protection against acid and alkaline products, bird etching and chemical staining. Ceramic Coatings also improve and maintain gloss levels of a paintworks surface as well as produce very impressive hydrophobic properties (Water beading and sheeting). Ceramic Coatings are incredibly resistant to UV rays, reducing the risk of your paintwork becoming dull or milky. 

Keeping your vehicle in good condition not only improves the resell value of your vehicle but it also makes cleaning easier than ever. By adding a ceramic coating to your vehicle like Gyeon Can Coat EVO will maintain gloss levels and make it even easier to wash your vehicle due to the unbeatable slickness it provides. 

Gyeon Can Coat EVO is super easy to apply with its wipe on, buff off formula. Simply spray the Can Coat EVO onto the towel that is supplied, wipe onto the surface you're wanting to protect and buff to a high gloss finish. Once applied Can Coat EVO will give your vehicles paintwork 12 months of protection, as long as the correct maintenance is carried out. Can Coat's super easy formula allows you to apply the ceramic coating to the entire car within 20 minutes and there is enough coating in the bottle to do your vehicle up-to 10 times. 

Gyeon Can Coat EVO is an outdoor friendly product, making it even easier to protect your vehicle without the need of a garage or indoor space. Can Coat can also be applied on wheels and glass to give outstanding hydrophobic properties and self cleaning ability, keeping your car cleaning for longer. When applied to wheels and glass you can expect around 6 months of durability, especially on the front windscreen due to the wipers. 

Can Coat EVO is super easy to maintain. We recommend washing your vehicle with the Gyeon car care range and topping up the ceramic coating with Gyeon Wet Coat every 3 months. Wet Coat will help maintain the hydrophobic properties (water beading and sheeting) of the ceramic coating as well as replenishing self cleaning properties. 

In conclusion, Gyeon Can Coat EVO will protect  your vehicles paintwork for 12 months or 12k Miles, dependant on your driving style. Can Coat EVO can also be applied to your wheels and glass, giving you 6 months of fantastic protection. Due to Can Coats super easy formula it is very easy to re apply the ceramic coating, we recommend re applying can coat every 6 months at maximum or 12 months at minimum. 

If you'd like to speak to Just Car Care about protecting your vehicle with Gyeon Can Coat EVO, give us a call on 0191 543 7234 or email us at and a member of our Gyeon Accredited Team will be in touch to give you a fully custom quote for your vehicle. 

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