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AutoBrite Super Foam | Parma Violet VS Jelly Bean

Aiden Oliver |

Autobrite Direct have release their brand new coloured snow foam, Parma Violet & Jelly Bean Super Foam!

Autobrite Direct Parma Violet Super foam is a twist from their ordinary snow foam pre wash. Not only is Parma Violet Super Foam a fantastic pre wash it has a thick, vibrant purple moose like texture while bursting with your favourite childhood sweet scent, Parma Violet. 

Autobrite Direct Parma Violet Super Foam | Snow Foam Pre Wash

Autobrite Parma Violet Super Foam:

Autobrite Direct Jelly Bean Super Foam has a vibrant pink colour too is, while popping with the smell of jelly bean sweets. 
Autobrite Direct Jelly Bean Super Foam | Snow Foam Pre Wash

Autobrite Jelly Bean Super Foam:

Both of these new, coloured snow foams from Autobrite Direct are pH Neutral and safe on all coating, waxes and and produce a thick, generous foam that clings to the surface for even longer dwell times! 

Which do you prefer? The sweet smell of Parma Violet Super foam or the Mouth Watering scent of Jelly Bean Super Foam

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