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Poorboys World Wheel Sealant, 8oz

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Poorboy’s Wheel Sealant can be used on aluminium, coated, chrome and painted wheels and offers superb protection from the environment and brake dust.

Brake dust attacks the wheels and can leave you with corrosion, so the price of this Wheel sealant is much less than a set of new rims. Poorboy’s Wheel Sealant provides a clear, shiny and protective coating that will block out the dirt and pollution. You apply it like you would any wax or sealant, buffing to produce a shine and then the dirt and dust sit on this coating unable to break through it. It also means that your wheels will be easier to clean next time.

  • Use on any wheel types
  • Helps protects wheels from brake dust, oxidation, moisture, tar and bugs.
  • Use weekly for best results. 

8oz tub. Made in the USA