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Poorboys World Natty's Paste Wax - Blue, 8oz

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Poorboys World Natty's Paste Wax  is slightly different formulation of the regular Natty's, made for dark coloured cars to give an extra boost in depth and shine. Just like before, Natty's Blue can be applied in sun or shade and is still the easiest paste wax to apply and remove.

The carnauba wax means that you get great protection against nasty road grime, bug tar, salt and bird lime. Poorboys Nattys Blue Paste Wax works by providing a hard and glossy film over your paints surface and because it’s a natural product it won’t react to you paintwork.

You can use this in sun or shade and it’s still easy to wax on, wax off.

  • Ideal for darker coloured cars.
  • Fantastic shine and clarity.