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Poorboys World Glass and Windscreen Cleaner, 473ml

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Poorboy's World Glass and Windscreen Cleaner makes cleaning of glass products easy, leaving a streak free finish quickly!

Poorboys World Glass and Windscreen Cleaner removes:

  • Dust
  • Dirt
  • Finger Prints
  • and more!
Glass and Windscreen Cleaner is a streak free formula that contains NO ammonia and NO alcohol. It can be used in the sun and in the shade. 


Spray Poorboys World Glass and Windscreen cleaner thoroughly on the glass surface to be cleaned. Using a soft absorbent towel, prefereably a high quality microfibre towel, wipe in a back and forth motion. Then, turn towel over and buff as needed. If towel becomes too damp and streaking occurs, change to a dry, clean microfibre towel.