Nanolex Si3D HD Ceramic Coating (Professional) 30ml

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Nanolex Si3D HD on fluorine-free compounds and packed with an even higher solids content, the formulation has been further refined. The combination of the Nanolex hybrid 3D-matrix with a methyl methacrylate (MMA) / ethyl acrylate (EA) copolymer and a chemical curing/cross-linking agent strongly optimise the surface bonding, while providing outstanding toughness, flexibility and exterior durability and also imparting a brilliant, deep gloss.

  • An unmatched, uncompromising product compared to the competition
  • Optimised surface bonding
  • Brilliant deep gloss
  • Outstanding toughness, flexibility and exterior durability
  • Excellent block resistance and hardness
  • Resistance to harsh chemicals, cleaning agents, and corrosion
  • Professional use only

Due to the highly upgraded density of Nanolex Si3D HD, excellent block resistance and hardness is achieved, resulting in an increased resistance to harsh chemicals and cleaning agents, as well as corrosion. The incorporated UV-blocking/absorbing system ensures protection from environmental impacts and UV-induced degradation, completing the protective capacity of the coating.

Please Note: NANOLEX SI3D HD is only available to purchase by certified NANOLEX detailers. If you wish to have si3D HD applied to your vehicle and are not sure who your closest certified NANOLEX detailer is please contacts us for more information.