Nanolex Race Film Remover TFR 750ml

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Nanolex Race Film Remover TFR. Cars used for track days tend to collect race-track related contamination in greater proportions than cars used only on the open road. Oil, grease, rubber, bitumen and tar can usually all be found in relatively thick deposits, particularly on the front of the car, along the sills, and around wheel arches.

Nanolex Race Film Remover contains specific raw materials to make it highly effective at breaking down these types of contamination. Greasy and adhesive residues are easily removed, dissolving the bonds and evaporating away to leave no residue.

Features & Benefits:

  • Powerful cleaner dissolves stubborn contamination
  • Suitable for removing oils, grease, tar, bitumen & rubber
  • Free from halogenated hydrocarbons & aromatic solvents
  • Evaporates without leaving a residue
  • Developed tested & produced in Germany