Nanolex Finishing Polish 250ml

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Nanolex Finishing Polish 250ml, the perfect JEWELING POLISHING COMPOUND FOR SPARKLING RESULTS.

Once paintwork has been corrected and refined, Nanolex Finishing Polish ensures maximum gloss results. Designed to remove fine scratches, holograms and faint blemishes, Finishing Polish is suitable for use on all types of automotive paintwork but is particularly effective on scratch-resistant finishes. For optimum results, Finishing Polish is best used in conjunction with a Nanolex Soft Polishing Pad on either a Rotary or Dual Action (DA) Polisher.

Features & Benefits:

  • Contains fine abrasives for removal of light blemishes
  • Polishing agents ensure a dazzling finish for paintwork
  • Formulated without the use of silicones or waxes
  • Filler-free for minimal drop back & true results
  • Suitable for use with all gloss-finish paintwork
  • Can be used with a Rotary or DA polisher
  • Developed, tested and manufactured in Germany