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Dr. Beasley's, Plasma Coat Nano Ceramic Car Coating, 118ml

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PLASMACOAT is an easy-to-use ceramic nanocoating for glossy-finished paint. Instantly bonds to form a hydrophobic barrier that promotes self-cleaning and resists staining. Exhibits a warm, wax-like gloss with one year or more of durability.



 Advanced Ceramic Durability

Utilizing our proprietary ceramic nanotechnology, PlasmaCoat surpasses wax and sealants in durability, lasting up to a year or more.


 Active Water Repellency to Reduce Water Spotting

PlasmaCoat is powerfully hydrophobic, pushing water off the surface so less is left behind, reducing water spots.


 Contaminant Resistant and Self-Cleaning

Resisting everyday contamination, PlasmaCoat makes it more difficult for soiling to stick and even self-cleans with water.


 Warm, Wax-Like Shine

Give a perfect finish the shine it deserves with PlasmaCoat’s remarkably warm, carnauba-like gloss.


 Fast, Instant-Bonding Application

PlasmaCoat may go on like a wax, but it doesn’t need to haze like many do. Just wipe away the excess and it’s fully bonded to the clear coat.


 100% VOC Free

PlasmaCoat contains absolutely no VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) to eliminate harmful fumes while applying.