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Dr. Beasley's, Carbon Glaze Carbon Fiber Polish, 237ml

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CARBON GLAZE restores carbon fiber gelcoat, removing micro-marring, fine scratches and haze from oxidation. Using precision abrasives, it corrects defects without damaging the gelcoat to achieve a perfect finish.

 Corrects Swirls & Scratches

Use Carbon Glaze to correct micro-marring, fine scratches, swirl marks and other surface defects to restore carbon fiber to a perfect finish.


 Removes Haze From Oxidation

Cloudy, oxidized gelcoat is easily restored to perfect clarity with Carbon Glaze’s haze-fighting abrasives.


 Leaves High Gloss, Ultra Clear Finish

Carbon Glaze levels gelcoat to an even, defect-free finish, producing a gloss that’s highly reflective and remarkably clear.


 Precision Abrasive Formula Goes Gentle on Gelcoat

Formulated with gentle, precise abrasives to remove defects with no damage to the gelcoat in any way.


 Prepares Carbon Fiber For Nanocoating Protection

Use Carbon Glaze to correct & prep dull carbon fiber to a pristine finish, then use a Dr. Beasley’s ceramic nanocoating to protect against future deterioration.


 Easy Machine Buff Application

Carbon Glaze is machine buff-only to get maximum shine with maximum efficiency. Just apply to a soft foam finishing pad and you’re good to go!