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Detailers Juice, Premium Microfibre Towels, 350GSM

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Detailers Juice Premium Microfibre Towels

These new microfibre cloths are absolutely fantastic, with extra thickness and softness, they are plush pile microfibre cloths that are perfect for detailers. The cloths each weigh in at 350 gsm, making them a perfect weight for just about all detailing tasks. With a slightly plusher side and a tighter side the towel can be flipped over depending on the task at hand. The shorter side is absolutely perfect for removing polish and wax residues whilst the slightly longer side is perfect for final buffing or quick detail. Because these towels don't lint, they are also ideal for just about every part of the car including the interior and even glass. Because of their price and quality, these are now one of our favourite cloths as they just work so well, and are soft enough to use on even the most delicate finish. With 30% polyamide, 350gsm weight and large 42 x 42cm size means they are up to even the toughest jobs and this handy pack of 3 cloths ensures you`ll always have one on hand. 

colours may vary between blue and yellow