Carbon Collective Lusso Shampoo, 500ml

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Carbon Collective Lusso is a PH-neutral gloss enhancing shampoo, formulated to safely remove dirt & road film whilst leaving behind a high gloss spot free finish.

specifically created to be highly lubricated, breaking the bonds between the dirt & paintwork without removing waxes or sealants.

1. Fill two 20L buckets with warm water, add 10ml of shampoo to one of the buckets.

2. Using a Carbon Collective merino wool mitt, begin washing the vehicle from top to bottom, avoid using circular movements. Always rinse the mitt in the clean water before dipping it into the shampoo solution.

3. Rinse the vehicle with copious amounts of clean water.

Never wash a vehicle in direct sunlight, Always keep the paintwork wet while the car is being washed.

Hand Bottled In The Uk


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