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AutoBrite Direct, Hex-Tech Pro Machine Polishing Pad, 135mm / 5"

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AutoBrite Direct Hex-Tech Pro Buffing Pads by Autobrite Direct!

The new innovative Pro-Buffing pad system designed to cut, polish, glaze and finish to a high gloss shine.

Manufactured in the UK with the highest quality foam material available. Now with the unique "Hex-Tech" patterned foam enabling the best cutting, polishing, glazing and waxing/finishing surface. Long lasting and durable with accurate results giving you a safer and smoother polishing experience.

The new Hex-Tech Pro Buffing Pads have been designed for the enthusiast and professional market. So easy to use, effective but with a high standard that most require when polishing. Simply a ideal and excellent range of quality cutting/polishing & finishing pads that cover all angles and will suit all paint types which include German paints too. 

The uniqueness of the Hex - Tech patterned style cut pattern within the foam pad have been designed to polish all surfaces including flat/Angled and rounded surfaces to give the best possible finish, delivering maximum surface contact for the many curves on motor vehicles today. The pads are easy to move while correcting whilst the polish been evenly distributed throughout the pad. The Hex - Tech cut groove within the pad holds the suitable amount of polish required to cut and polish the paint surface. When the pad turns at the RPM's the polish moves with in the pad grooves dispersing the polish throughout the pad surface ensuring a full pad to paint polishing action. 

The Hex -Tech also reduces surface "unnecessary" heat while polishing. The Hex style pattern within the pad evenly distributes free flow air over the pad giving you a safer, smoother and cooler polish.

Hex - Tech Pro Buffing Pads are Professional Pads are easy to wash, maintenance and reuse.  

Advantages of the Hex - Tech Pro Pad System

  • Innovative designed to cut, polish, glaze and finish
  • Hex - Tech patterned cut foam pad for the perfect finish
  • Designed for the enthusiast or professional
  • Ideal for all paint types and curve patterns
  • The cut groove holds the suitable amount of polish
  • Evenly distributes free flow air around the pad
  • Quality foam construction
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Easy to use and clean
  • 135mm ideal for correction
  • 1 x chosen pad or full set as selected