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Wowo's Detailing Products - Wax Shampoo, 500ml

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Wowo’s Wax Shampoo is a super slick wax shampoo formulated to work hand in hand with Wowo’s Stage 3 products, combining with the waxes and polymers already on the surface to boost and continue protection, while safely and gently removing the dirt and grime from your vehicle.

Unlike some other wax shampoos on the market which are about as useless as a chocolate teapot, Wowo’s wax shampoo actually does create a hydrophobic film over the vehicle’s paint surface, giving your car the protection it deserves. Designed to work hand in hand with Wowo’s Stage 3 products making it their perfect partner for the regular wash.


1. Give the bottle a good shake. The product will go bright orange when mixed.
2. Put a good squirt of shampoo into the bottom of a clean bucket. If you want to be exact about it, 1-2 capfuls per litre of water should be pretty soapy.
3. Make sure the car has been rinsed all over with a hose / power hose or precleaned with a snowfoam or prewash.
4. start at the top and work your way down using a good quality wash mitt.
5. Don’t allow a washed panel to dry. If it is sunny wash a panel and rinse immediately.
6. Rinse car. Have a beer (if your allowed)

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