Wowo's Detailing Products - Tyre Restorer, 500ml

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Wowo’s Tyre Restorer is a water based tyre dressing designed to gently and safely provide a variable and lasting sheen to the tyre wall.

Wowo’s Tyre Restorer is your go to for simple, safe and easy to use tyre dressing. No more flick up your wing and door. No more greying tyres. No more hands that feel like a long night out in Amsterdam. Just a nice finish that you can build on top of for extra shine if you want to. Simples.

One bottle will allow you to coat all four tyres on your car between 40 and 100 times. (40 double applications on each tyre for gloss finish or 100 applications for an oem new tyre look).


1. Give the bottle a good shake and make sure the tyres are clean and dry.
2. Carefully spray onto the tyre wall ensuring a nice even coat.
3. Alternatively spray onto a foam applicator pad and apply to the wall.
4. Allow the solution to become tacky dry then rub in with a foam applicator.
5. If you want extra shine apply a second coat or a third or forth if you really want.
6. Don’t get it on the tread of your tyre. That won’t be much fun.

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