Wowo's Detailing Products - Signature Wax, 200ml

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Wowo’s Signature Wax is a hard wax designed for ease of use, longevity and a lasting shine.

Wowo’s Signature Wax is where it all started for Wowo’s. Starting life as a homebrew it has been perfected over three years to glistening perfection using a combination of Brazilian Carnauba Wax, Californian Montan, Scottish Organic Beeswax and a blend of organic essential oils and advanced polymers, for the perfect wax on wax off experience.


1. For best results apply to your vehicle post polishing the surface with our Wowo’s Show N Go Polish or another suitable polish.
2. Use a round foam or microfibre applicator pad to apply the wax to the vehicle surface.
3. We recommend doing a panel at a time, especially when working outside in hotter climates.
4. Buff off immediately with a microfibre cloth or towel. We recommend using a thick plush microfibre for ease of use and best results.
5. “Wow there! You trying to blind me? That’s one shiny car you have there” – Said everyone who walks past your vehicle.

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