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Wowo's Detailing Products - Qucik Detailer, 500ml

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Wowo’s Quick Detailer is the daddy of quick detailers. Other quick detailers looks at this and ask why they are not this awesome. Simply spray on and wipe off to a high shine, deep gloss and great durability. Done.

Wowo’s Quick Detailer is designed to be used after a wash or between washes to shine and protect the paintwork. It is designed to “top up” Wowo’s Stage 3 products.


1. Give the bottle a good shake.
2. This product can be used in various ways, from removing light soiling between washes, topping up protection between waxes or anywhere else on the car that needs a quick wipe down.
3. Make sure the trigger sprayer is facing away from you unless you want to eat or wear the product (we don’t advise this)
4. Simply Spray on and wipe off with a deep pile microfibre towel or cloth.
5. Apply a second coat for extra shine.

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