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Wowo's Nanocoat is the latest wax coating from Wowo's and is the first product in the range to utilise our new proprietary technology Lw-BN™.

Wowo's Nanocoat is the pinnacle of wax coating hybrid technology.

This is the pinnacle of hand applied wax technology, but then again, it’s not really a wax.

Wowo’s Nanocoat has been designed from the ground up to be the closest thing to a coating, that is applied in a wax form.

Implementing Wowo’s unique liquid coating technology Liquid Wurtzite Boron Nitride or Lw-BN™ for short, we have taken the hardest material known to man and made a liquid coating technology for painted and glass finishes.

The first product in the Wowo’s range to use this technology, Nanocoat has taken the ease of application seen in our other waxes and combined that with the hard wearing, long lasting cutting edge technology using Lw-BN™.


1. For best results apply to your vehicle post polishing the surface with our Wowo’s Show N Go Polish or another suitable polish.
2. Use a round foam or microfibre applicator pad to apply the wax to the vehicle surface.
3. We recommend doing a panel at a time, especially when working outside in hotter climates.

4. Leave to cure for 3-5minutes, shorter if in direct sunlight or hot temperatures, then buff off with a high quality high gsm microfibres buffing towel.

For best results apply two coats. One after the removal of the other.

Maintain using Wowo’s Dry Shampoo.

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Wowo's Nanocoat

Wowo's Nanocoat 200ml, Wowo's Nanocoat 200ml Kit Pack