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Wowo's Detailing Products - Leather Cream, 500ml

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Wowo’s Leather Cream is a nourishing cream designed for use on all leathers, restoring a soft natural touch and shine.

If you like going to the Spa and getting a massage then that is what you are treating your leather to with this. It’s like a luxuriating massage from the best masseuse, leaving your leather looking good and feeling great.


1. Give the bottle a good shake.
2. Put some of the cream onto a foam applicator pad or microfibre cloth.
3. Work into the leather like you are giving it a massage.
4. Work it baby!
5. You can either leave the residue to soak in or you can remove the excess with a microfibre towel.

For the best results, give your leather a good clean using Wowo’s Leather Cleaner before using this product.

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