Wowo's Detailing Products - Crystal Sealant, 500ml

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Wowo’s Crystal Sealant is a long lasting, easy to use sealant which can be used on the paint, glass and wheels.

What kind of see-through magic is this? This is Wowo’s Crystal Sealant that’s what. This is a long lasting technologically advanced sealant which can be applied over or under a wax to create a long lasting seal and gloss. Using the latest German and Swiss nanotechnology we have developed a superior sealant giving your paint the protection it deserves. Fully compatible with all other Wowo’s Stage 3 products, you can combine waxes or detailers over or under this sealant. Magic!


1. Give the bottle a good shake.
2. For best results, spray a few sprays onto a clean foam applicator pad and work onto the prepared surface. We recommend working a small area at a time.
3. Buff off Immediately with a deep pile microfibre cloth.
4. Grab yourself a drink. You’re done.

If you need to remove crystal sealant for any reason you will have to machine polish the surface with a cutting polish.

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