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Wowo's Detailing Products - Clean Wheels Wheel Cleaner, 500ml

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Wowo’s Clean Wheels is a powerful non acidic based wheel cleaner, designed to remove fallout, grease, grime and stubborn brake dust easily from wheels with a lacquered finish. If you are going to use on non lacquered or chrome wheels please test on an inconspicuous area first and dilute if required with water.

If you want the ultimate in clean wheels then you have come to the right place. Wowo’s Clean Wheels will remove all the nasty dirt and brake dust from your wheels and leave them sparkling. What are you waiting for?


1. Give the bottle a good shake and make sure the two part solution is mixed in.
2. Spray liberally like a mad man all over the wheel face and spokes, making sure to get it into all those hard to reach areas.
3. Best not let the wheel cleaner dry.
4. Agitate with a wheel brush or dedicated wash mitt if required. We don’t recommend using the same mitt you wash the body of your vehicle with to wash your wheels.
5. Rinse thoroughly.
6. Stand back and smile at your handiwork.

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