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Wowo’s Butter Wax is the last word in show waxes. Take the epic Contact 121 Wax, and reformulate for extreme gloss and shine – enter Wowo’s Butter Wax.

Wowo's Butter Wax is not like any other show wax. Not only does the Butter Wax provide unbeatable gloss on all paint colours but its leaves a lasting protection for your paint surface. Based on our highly acclaimed Contact 121 Wax but altered for more intense gloss and shine, if you're into the ultimate wet look for your car then you're in the right place.

You can get the Butter Wax by itself for £49.99 or get it as a kit with a super plush 400Gsm buffing microfibre cloth and a high quality foam applicator for £56.


1. For best results apply to your vehicle post polishing the surface with our Wowo’s Show N Go Polish or another suitable polish.
2. Use a round foam or microfibre applicator pad to apply the wax to the vehicle surface.
3. We recommend doing a panel at a time, especially when working outside in hotter climates.
4. Buff off immediately with a microfibre cloth or towel. We recommend using a thick plush microfibre for ease of use and best results.

A show winning shine in every tub.

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Butter Wax

200ml Wowo's Butter Wax, 200ml Wowo's Butter Wax Kit