Soft99 Iron Terminator Fallout Remover 500ml

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SOFT99 Iron Terminator is a strong PH-balanced (pH-7) fallout remover exclusively developed for aluminium wheels.

The special SOFT99 active agent and ammonium thioglycolate synergistic thoroughly removes the stubborn iron deposits which a normal car wash cannot.

Reaction time is very short and the purple colour change shows clearly where the product is activated/working.

PH-balanced (pH-7) formula without abrasive particles, which is friendly to both alloy wheels and humans.

Sold in 500ml spray bottles.

SOFT99 Iron Terminator directions of use:

  • This 500ml product is enough to cover 20 wheels (wheel pattern dependent)
  • 1. Rinse wheels first to remove any excess dirt
  • 2. Shake well and spray product on to the wheels at approx 10cm away, make sure it has covered the alloy properly
  • 3. Let the product work for approximately for 3-5 mins (wheels will turn purple)
  • 4. Rinse off with water
  • 5. If dirt is still on the alloy wheels, simply repeat the above steps but use a wheel brush – avoid making scratches by not rubbing to much/hard

When spraying over the brake discs, it will react and change colour. Simply rinse away completely, as if left, it might cause damage for brake discs.

This product is designed for wheels, if used on bodywork, carefully rinse off with water afterwards.