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Sam's Detailing Tyre Shine, 500ml

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Sam's Detailing Tyre Shine is a flexible dressing where you can control the gloss level yourself. Matt or a super gloss finish, this dressing can do it.
  • Banana Scented
  • Glossy Finish
  • Beading additive
  • Use Tyre Dressing Stripper before hand for longevity

Sam's Method

  1. Ensure the tyre surface has been thoroughly scrubbed and all previous tyre dressings have been completely stripped away.
  1. Apply Tyre Shine onto our Tyre Dressing Applicator pad and begin to slowly work in the product into the sidewall of the tyre.
  1. For a super gloss finish apply the dressing directly to the tyre and allow it to dry naturally. For a matt finish apple the dressing and knock it down with a microfibre to the level of shine you prefer.