Sam's Detailing Detailers Brush Set (5 pieces)

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Sam's Detailing Detailers Brush Set, a personal favourite that should be in every detailers arsenal!

Soft natural brushes with strong varnished wooden handles means that these are perfect for interior and exterior use.

One set includes the following diameter brushes: 23mm, 28mm, 34mm, 38mm and 43mm.

Sam's Method

  1. Soak the brush in a bucket of warm with with Sam’s wheel soap for a few minutes. In this time you can begin to knock off the brake dust with a jet of water.
  2. Squirt Sam’s wheel cleaner on the wheel and directly onto the bristles of the brush.
  3. Now simply work the brush around the alloys into all the crevices giving it a ruddy good scrub! Utilise the lather from the wheel soap and the cleaning power of our wheel cleaner as the ultimate combo.
  4. You can bend the stem wire to reach around certain areas but don’t go OTT with it!