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Sam’s Detailing Exterior Detailer Keg, 5ltr

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Sam’s Detailing Expert Range product. Our versatile quick detailer with synthetic gloss enhancers that can be used on any section of paintwork to give that ‘just waxed’ look.

Exterior Detailer enhances paintwork gloss levels

Can be used as a drying aid

Ready to use formula

Tropical scented

Sam's Method

  1. To use as a rinse aid, spray over the panel to break the surface water and wipe away with our drying towel.


  1. To use as a quick detailer, spray your microfibre and wipe down the panel for a just waxed look.


  1. To use in door jambs, spray a very fine mist into the jamb and wipe away the product buffing off any residue.