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Power Maxed Deep Clean Swirl Polish, 500ml

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Power Maxed Deep Clean Polish has a unique formula that will remove contaminants and oxidation which normal washing will not touch.

This micro abrasive polish, will clear all light swirls in the paintwork leaving you with a perfect wax / sealant ready finish. Power Maxed Deep Clean Polish can be used on its own to correct mild defects, or as your first stage in your polishing process. This Polish can be used either by hand or with a polishing machine.


Direction of use:

Apply 2-3 pea-sized drops of product to an applicator. This is all that is required per panel and should be applied as thinly and evenly as possible to produce a film that should then be buffed off when dry using a microfibre towel. Apply by wiping as evenly as possible, using light pressure and overlapping strokes to the full panel before moving to the next.