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Power Maxed Bodywork Paint Sealant, 500ml

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Power Maxed bodywork paint sealant is an easy on easy off sealant for those who want nothing but the best protection, durability, shine and beading. Our sealant can be used on the entire vehicle including glass, plastics, alloys, steel and rubbers.

  • Instantly revives the deep luster and smoothness of your paint
  • Versatility: Use on any surface
  • Durability: Up to 4 months*
  • Can be layered (leave 24 hours between coats)
  • Cure Time: Roughly 5 minutes
  • Bottle Size: 100ml

Direction of use: 

Use in a cool shaded area, Spray sealant onto a cotton pad or microfibre cloth and begin wiping it in evenly, using light pressure and overlapping strokes. Once on, leave the sealant to dry for roughly 5 minutes and then buff off using a clean microfibre cloth.