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Poorboys World Super Swirl Remover SSR1, 473ml

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Poorboy's Swirl Remover 1 (SSR1) is the lightest abrasive by Poorboys, but powerful enough to tackle minor blemishes in the paint, clear coat, on chrome, glass, plastic, gel coat or plexiglass. The yellow lotion gently takes out light swirls, oxidation, fine scratches and overspray from all of these surfaces, easily.

Poorboy's World Light Abrasive Swirl Remover has been reformulated with micro and nano polishing powders that clean the paint more effectively and leave the paint looking incredibly smooth. Ultra fine abrasive dust polishes away mild imperfections and swirls while restoring gloss. The advantage of nano abrasive particles is that they do not leave micro abrasions in the paint, like larger abrasives. SSR1's nano abrasives work longer to level imperfections and leave the paint looking flawless.

All Poorboy’s products are formulated to be used in or out of the sun. It contains no silicone, wax or silicones. It is water-based and body shop safe.

(473ml) 16oz Bottle