On Its Arse - All Purpose Cleaner (APC), 500ml

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On Its Arse All Purpose Cleaner is an excellent de-greasing product suitable for cleaning painted surfaces, vinyl and plastics.

Removes flies, traffic film, nicotine stains, oil stains and a superb manual upholstery and carpet cleaner.  Can be used as a pre-spotter.

Directions of use: Wear protective gloves/clothing/eye/face protection.

  • Can be used neat or be diluted, see dilution rate below.
  • Apply solution by spray nozzle, sponge or brush. leave to dwell, then wipe away or rinse off.

Dilution rates;

  • Heavy soiling e.g grease – Neat
  • Medium soiling e.g periodic cleaning – 1 part APC 3 part water
  • Light soiling e.g regular cleaning – 1 part APC 6 part water

HEALTH AND SAFETY: Can cause skin irritation; eye damage. Wash contaminated skin thoroughly after handling this product.

IF ON SKIN; Wash with plenty of water. If skin irritation occurs; seek medical advice/attention immediately.

IF IN EYES; Rinse well with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do so.