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Mike O’Fiber Royal Plush Towel (Blue)

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The Mike O’Fiber Royal Plush towel is the ultimate detailing microfibertowel for professionals and enthusiasts and can be used for multiple purposes. To meet the highest standards these towels are edgeless (sonic cut) and contains the softest microfibers which will not mar or scratch even the most delicate paints.


Mike O'Fiber Royal Plush towels are great for removing wax, sealant, glaze, polish and detailer sprays. These towels can also be used for drying smaller parts of a vehicle or in combination with a waterless wash. Mike O'Fiber Royal Plush Towels are tumbled so these beautiful towels are absolutely lint free.


The Royal Plush Towel is available in five colors so it will be easy to keep each color separate for different purposes. These towels can be machine washed, make sure you use a dedicated microfiber detergent like Mike O'Fiber Microfiber Wash to keep them clean and vivid.


Size: 40x40cm (16x16 inch)

Weight: 450gsm

Color: Blue