Just Car Care Winter Survival Kit 1 -The Essentials

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Just Car Care's Winter Survival Kit Number 1 The Essentials! At Just Car Care we have put together a kit to get you through the winter which includes some of the bets selling products throughout our website which have been recommended and voted the best by YOU! 

The pack includes the outstanding Kranzle K10 Pressure Washer, which is part of the popular Portable High pressure range, and is also known as the K10/122TS. As well as the pressure washer we have also included some essentials such as Autobrite Direct's Magifoam, Luxury Suds, Project 64, Purple Rain and finally the Britegel! Finally we've thrown in the Fecks Philisophy Professor Plush Drying Towel, which gives a generous 50cm x 80cm 1200gsm deep pile spec that allows for even more water absorption and ensures effortless drying. It doesn’t get safer than this!

Winter Survival Kit 1 Includes; 

  • 1 x Kranzle K10/122 TST pressure washer with total stop function
  • 1 x Autobrite Direct Snow Foam Lance 
  • 1 x Autobrite Direct  Magifoam 1L 
  • 1 x Autobrite Direct Luxury Suds 500ml 
  • 1 x Autobrite Direct Project 64 1L
  • 1 x Autobrite Direct  Pruple Rain 2.0 500ml 
  • 1 x Autobrite Direct Britegel 500ml 

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