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Juicy Details, Citrus All Purpose Cleaner, 500ml

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Juicy Detail Citrus based APC that can be used on virtually anything inside and outside of your car, van, boat, home and near enough anything else you would like to clean.
What is APC?
APC stands for All Purpose Cleaner and is literally used for all parts of cleaning. We use it for door shuts, tyres, badges, grills, carpets, seats (whether they are leather or cloth)… you get the idea. Also amazing for dashboards before you then finish off with your desired interior dressing.

A product that goes a very long way due to it being such a high concentration.

Simply dilute with water to the recommended dilutions:
Very Heavy Dirt – Use Neat
Heavy Dirt – 10:1
Medium Dirt – 50:1
Light Dirt Dirt – 100:1