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Hell Shine, The VooDoo Waterless Wash/Detailer, 500ml

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Autobrite Direct Hell Shine Voodoo Waterless Wash

The VooDoo is here! When you need a little magic on your car VooDoo will certainly make it happen!

Hell Shine Voodoo from Autobrite Direct is a advanced waterless wash that cleans and protects your vehicle in one step. It works by encapsulating the dirt when applied to the panel.It safely traps the dirt within the fibres of the towel and safely removes it giving you a clean and protected finish instantly.

Simply spray Voodoo liberally onto the panel then using a clean plush soft microfibre towel, gently remove the grime from the bodywork and buff to a glorious shine.

Repeat the process for a more protected glossy finish.

Size: 500ml