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Hell Shine, The Prints of Darkness, 500ml

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Bring on the The Prints Of Darkness!

The ultimate wheel & Tyre cleaner for cars & motorcycles. Removes dirt, grime, baked on wheel dust, tarnish and embedded dirt from the wheel surface to give you a stunning clean finish.  As The Prints Of Darkness is a RTU (Ready To Use) product its matter of simply spray on and work or rinse. Also we have made The Prints of Darkness strong enough to dilute too! So easy to dilute (up to 20-1), when you have used some - simply top up with water and this product is totally safe on all wheel surfaces including chrome spoked alloy wheels.

The powerful cleaning action of this product is second to none, the best so far. In fact we will say thats is the best we have created to date,and you will see why when you use it. The devilishly red blood look type product applied to the wheel surface, it really does look like blood is running down the wheel! 

The Prints Of Darkness can be used in any application whether you like to apply and brush your wheels before you rinse, or spray and leave for 1-3 minutes then rinse -

A amazing NON ACIDIC powerful wheel cleaner that tackles anything it touches!

Not ideal for un clear coated or un lacquered wheels. Try on a inconspicous area 1st.