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Hell Shine, The Eliminator, 500ml

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Hell Shine, The Eliminator, 500ml 

Eliminate that tarnished paint, reduce those swirl marks, make that car & motorcycle sparkle with the best Polish in the business! The Elimmator gives you an amazing finish and it is safe for all paint surfaces including metallics and plastic painted parts. 

With The Eliminator you dont get the high dusting like you get with other polishes on the market, its very to apply and easy to remove too! Just a little goes a long way and rejuvenates your paint surface to a high gloss. As its a great paint cleaner it rips through dirt and grime and leaves the paintwork silky smooth ready for your next choice of protection - The Abyss used with the Eliminator is one HELL of a good choice!

We believe @ Autobrite Direct that The Eliminator will be the best polish you buy and will make your Car or Bike one Hellish, shiny beast!

Eliminator is packed with excellent chemical cleaning properties and very light abrasives to clean and polish the dirtiest of paintwork!