Hell Shine, The Devils Blood 5 Litres - Red Pre-wash Snow Foam

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Hell hath no fury like a Devil scorned, and there is no prewash like the Devils Blood. Powerful cleaners befitting of cleaning the foulest offerings of hell, Devils Blood will destroy them all with the power of Lucifer. Devilishly strong in performance, yet gentle,

Devils Blood when used as instructed is LSP safe, ensuring that your paintwork stays sacred in the presence of evil.

• Put approximately 1-2" of cinnamon scented Devils Blood in the bottom of your foam lance bottle

• Top up with warm water

• Adjust your lance dilution as required and spray

• Allow to dwell for up to 15 minutes then pressure rinse ready for your 2BM wash

Due to the colour nature of the product, use a weak dilution (approx 10ml to a litre of water) on white & light coloured paintwork (especially white cars)

ONLY SUITABLE TO BE USED VIA A SNOW FOAM LANCE - NOT A PRESSURE SPRAYER. (if used incorrect this product may stain on light coloured paintwork)

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